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Elcome has built interfaces over many years allowing the seamless integration of data all over the world

Data Management is available at many levels, whether it is standardisation of a basic Excel spreadsheet or analysing several complex databases, we have the knowledge and expertise to offer a cost-effective solution to fulfil your requirements.

Data Analysis

Vehicle Index Mapping e.g. MAM (MMI) TecDoc (KType) AAIA (ACES) KBAd

Data Preparation for TecDoc (Web Catalogue & CD)

Data Preparation for MAM (Autocat+)

Third Party Systems

We undertake the formatting of data to catalogue publishing platforms such as TecDoc, MAM's Autocat and to AAIA's ACES standards.
Autocat is the UK's leading aftermarket parts reference catalogue. It is employed by over 11,500 users across the country, many of them your customers.

Automate+ is Elcome's own developed product that allows you to update this system at a click of a button. Unique to Elcome, our processes take data from any source and convert to MAM's format and ensures we maximise exposure and placement of information. As pioneers of transferring data in Autocat v8 compliant format, our knowledge and expertise built up over the years, is unparalleled.

This product allows you to submit direct to MAM nightly ensuring your latest products and enhancements are rapidly visible.
As a "licenced data manipulator" of TecDoc data, we have become experts in transferring non-conforming catalogue information into the TecDoc format.

Our tools and knowledge allow us to prepare your data into different formats such as electronic internet catalogues, and via our compression tools for inclusion in paper catalogues.

Being a "licenced data manipulator" also means we support, promote and send a large number of DAT files monthly, on behalf of some of the largest brands in Europe.

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